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First day with this loser
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Harri is fed up of sixth form already accidentalhomicide
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Bring Me The Horizon
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like 95% of my daily vocabulary is ‘what’

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When somebody starts acting funny, that means the person met somebody new or somebody came back into their life.
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From Kerrang Magazine:
Hi fans, and new readers!
I’m Tyler from Issues. I grew up in a small town, and as I grew up and realized I hated how off the map I was, I began realizing that I wanted big things in life. Never at the time did I care for fame or money nor did I reckon I would ever be in a big band. I just knew I wanted to feel excited, like I was doing something with my life, or in a city people actually knew of. Now I know everyone doesn’t want to explore the world, and some people love their town, but I also know everyone of you thirst for some action in life. I moved off to be a part of Riverside Military Academy in high-school, because I was really bored with my boring life. I learned a lot there. I never cared to be like in the army or air-force or anything, I just admired how on fire the school was. They taught me how to get up each day with a purpose. Taught me how to be a leader. But there’s my first objective… I challenge my fans, and the readers, to wake up each morning with goals and aspirations. You need to find it within yourself to wake up and feel positive. Live each day with some kind of purpose. I feel like my life is exciting now, but I still doubt myself some days. I still wonder if I’m doing enough, or getting enough work done, or if I’m being lazy. So I always try to move week to week with goals, and tasks to complete.
I bet some of you guys are getting jobs soon, summer is right around the corner. My advice would be, no matter where you work, or who you work for, to always kill people with kindness. I’ve been in so many positions where someone was a “proper knob” to me, and I always thought I would just remain positive and humble in my mind, and that would encourage those people to learn some decency. You should always do and be the best you can be in your job. You never know who you will meet or what will come of every situation. I grew up in the south, and I was raised to treat people with love and compassion even when sometimes I don’t know if they deserve it or not. Everything happens for a reason ya know? But tomorrow is a knew day, so you have to give the world a second chance, every single day. Forget yesterday, and just find a new purpose today!
I’m lucky to have the family I have, and have such moral fiber instilled in me, but life hasn’t always been super rad for me. I was pretty poor in my early years of life. Spent time living in a car with my Mother, before we decided at a low point to “mooch” off other members of my family. Though they would never consider helping and supporting family “mooching” no one ever wants to rely on others for this kind of support. But even at a young age, I knew how to keep my mom’s spirits up, and we rose from the ashes, reunited with my father, and persevered. Not everyone has that type of bond with their family, but that doesn’t mean blame the world or give up on hope. Though family should always be the backbone to your existence, there are other people to let into your life that can give you the unconditional love. My friends are also a strong support system. I can always remember letting my friends in with my darkest secrets. I remember Michael being the first person to truly know I was bisexual. My mom could always tell, but it was so scary really letting my family in, because they had always been such a rock in my life, I couldn’t bare the thought of them not accepting that and losing our bond. But I should’ve always known they would be the biggest supporters of my life and my future. As they were. I hope that each of you can learn to love yourself, because Jay Cole (American Rapper, hit song Crooked Smile) said it best, and I learned, “A perfect smile is more appealing but it’s funny how, my shit is crooked, look how far I done got without it, I keep my twisted grill, just to show the kids it’s real, we ain’t picture perfect but we’re worth the picture still; love yourself or nobody will.” These lyrics seem commercial to some, but there’s so much truth in this piece, I hope you see through my eyes.
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Break-up Text Painting: Wow! That’s Cold, 2014Acrylic on canvas30 x 30 inches